Basic and essential tools for the diy mechanic

There are tools for almost everything for cars. DIY mechanics can do 80 per cent of their vehicle repairs as long as they have the right tools. Knowing which tool you will need can save you lots of money and time during repairs. Here are some of the most basic and essential tools that you should buy today.

Torque wrench

Adjustable wrenches tighten bolts and nuts. These tools are considered as the most precise equipment for the car and you may choose from torque, clicking, and adjustable varieties. The clutch mechanism of the torque wrench has a range of 100 feet or more whenever you apply the right amount of pressure upon the fasteners. Read more about other basic tools right here.

Screwdriver set

A set of screwdrivers comes handy and makes life easier whenever you are repairing your car. Opt for magnetic heads as these screws are easier to extract from tight spaces.

A hammer set

Although you may not find use for a hammer often, every once in a while however, you may want to repair the metal body of your vehicle. In case you see slight bumps on the body of your car, you may use an auto hammer set which also comes with a rubber mallet. This tool is excellent for dent smoothing. To view more essential tools, take a look at this website .

Hydraulic jack

This is another essential tool for lifting a car off the ground. Every car owner should have a hydraulic jack in their vehicle. Be sure to select the right jack for the weight of your vehicle as this tool must be able to handle the load. Secondly, check whether the jack’s arm is long enough to reach the frame of the vehicle vertically. It is best to choose long-frame jacks that can also reach the vehicle horizontally.